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The PLA is dedicated to providing a timely and efficient response to all public lighting issues. Please note that Detroit's streetlights have sensors that respond to sunlight and are not a timer. This means that the lights come on at dusk and go off at sunrise and are not tied to a specific time. For that reason, before reporting an out streetlight, please check to see whether the other lights on your block are shining. If the others are also off, if means that it's not dark enough outside yet for the lights to come on. If, however, the other lights are on, we ask residents to contact us right away. Please also note the time and date that you noticed the light out. Thank you!

Fill out the form at right, e-mail or call (313) 324-8290 any time.

A Shining Achievement

65,000 new LED streetlights installed on time and under budget

For years, Detroit's streetlights were a source of frustration for our residents. About half of them didn't work, and getting one repaired could take years, if it was fixed at all. In less than three years, the Public Lighting Authority relit all 139 square miles of the city with new LED streetlights. Today, more than 99 percent of them are on at any given time and we repair most lights in a matter of days.

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Detroit's old streetlights were a source of embarrassment, technologically antiquated and unreliable. Today, our city is lit with 65,000 LED lights, which are not only more reliable and longer-lasting, but also energy-efficient, saving Detroit taxpayers money.

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The PLA is not only committed to keeping Detroit's streetlights up and running but also to the safety of residents and our employees and contractors. The new LED lights also make for a brighter, safer city to walk and bike, and they deter crime.

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Who we are

The Public Lighting Authority is an independent, not-for-profit authority with the mission of improving, modernizing and maintaining Detroit's streetlighting system with brighter, more reliable and more energy-efficient lights.

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An Accomplishment Detroit Can Be Proud Of

The story behind the PLA

The creation of the Public Lighting Authority and the completion of the street relighting project took the hard work of those from both sides of the aisle and from across Michigan coming together to help relight the city of Detroit. On top of this, the PLA completed the project on time and under budget. Read more about how this project that all of Detroit can be proud of.

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