Public Lighting Authority of Detroit to hold vendor fair

September 27, 2013


Public Lighting Authority of Detroit to hold vendor fair

DETROIT – The Public Lighting Authority (PLA) of Detroit will hold a vendor fair October 10 to outline opportunities for qualified businesses to become involved in the PLA’s initiative to update Detroit’s street lighting system.  The fair will be held at Fellowship Chapel, 7707 W. Outer Drive, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

“The Public Lighting Authority is committed to utilizing Detroit-based businesses wherever possible and this vendor fair is being held to assure that these businesses are aware of the opportunities available to them,” said Odis Jones, Executive Director of the PLA.  “Business owners who attend the fair will learn about opportunities in and requirements for engineering, construction and material supply as well as learning about the requirements for vendor qualifications.”

Jones said those attending the event will learn of the PLA’s long term plan for improvement of the public lighting system and the needs of the supply base in order to execute the plan.  They also will be able to meet with the subject matter experts from the PLA’s project manager, DTE Energy, to discuss possible ways to connect with other businesses and organizations that share an interest in building relationships and partnerships.

In addition, Jones said the PLA will be discussing a Request for Proposal it will soon issue seeking qualified contractors to work on the lighting project.

The RFP will be for a variety of services needed in the reconstruction City of Detroit street lights, including but not limited to:

  • Luminaire Replacement, including replacement of luminaire, and installation of a new lamp, fixture wire, and / or photocell and or PC adaptor.
  • Replace existing street light fixture wire as necessary to restore equipment to normal operation.
  • Trench, excavated and backfill as needed for installation of underground streetlight cable/conduit/pipe.
  • Removal & disposal of existing post, breakdown old foundation and remove exposed rods 30″ below grade, hauling & install new post, transfer or install new luminaire, new fixture wire, terminations in post

PLA Chair Maureen Stapleton said the PLA is committed to utilizing Detroit-based businesses where possible and that the contractor will be expected to pursue local sourcing of work and utilize Detroit-based businesses in support of this effort wherever practical.

“The PLA board is committed to assuring that Detroit-based firms and Detroit workers are fully involved in this project as we begin to relight the City of Detroit,” she said.

About the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

The PLA was authorized by Michigan Legislature in December, 2012 and approved by Detroit City Council earlier this year to design and implement a three-year plan to improve Detroit’s public lighting system. The PLA is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Mayor and the City Council.